The San Jose Police Historical Society currently accepts any items related to the San Jose Police Department, its members, or items related to law enforcement in general.  Some of the items that we are looking to obtain:

  •  Uniform patches, rank insignia, pins, and other items that are related to units within the San Jose Police Department (these include 10851 pins, homicide or robbery pins, special unit patches, or other rank pins/patches)

  • Police Badges (any year, style or type)
  • Police uniforms prior to 1959 (especially CHP style motors uniforms, blue "summer" uniforms, reserve uniforms)
  • Police specialty gear (riot masks, helmets, motors equipment, K-9, MERGE, or other special use items)
  • Specialty items from within the department (old callboxes, police signs, unit emblems, unit awards)
  • Photographs, any era or type
  • Firearms (preferably de-milled and non-functioning)
  • News Articles / Magazines / books (related to officers or events at the San Jose Police Department)
  • Radio equipment
  • Police vehicles or related items (light bar, sirens, spot lights, radio equipment, hot sheets)

Some of the items that the Historical Society has an abundance of:

  • The Insider
  • The Vanguard
  • Duty Manuals (1960 and newer)
  • Beat Maps (1960 and newer)
  • Current style uniforms and patches

If you have an item to donate, please go to the contactpage and send an email.  Members of the Historical Society will accept any items that you are willing to donate regardless of size or amount

**The San Jose Police Historical Society is a 501-c non-profit organization through the San Jose Police Officers Association.  All items that are donated will be a part of the San Jose Police Historical Society and are tax deductible donations.  In order to take advantage of your deduction you must file a tax form 1040 (and depending on the value tax form 8283).  The fair market value of your item donated will be provided.  The San Jose Police Historical Society cannot provide appraisals of the monetary value of materials proposed for donation or for any other reason due to IRS laws regarding non-profit organizations**

San Jose Police Department Historical Society