In 1994 Chevrolet released a new police package (9C1) special equipment options vehicle.  the 9C1

had a heavier-duty features including thicker high-grade steel for the frame, armor plating in the front seats, performance suspension and abs braking.  The feature that set this car apart from all others was the LT-1 5.7 liter 350 cubit inch engine that was the same engine as the Corvette.  This engine was capable of producing up to 300 horsepower and could crank out 340 foot pounds of torque.  This vehicle quickly became the choice of all major departments due to its size, power, and performance.  This vehicle was only produced for 3 short years (1994 through 1996) when Chevrolet re-tooled their facilities to produce more profitable trucks.  Many officers consider this patrol vehicle to be one of the best patrol vehicles ever made.

This 1995 Chevrolet LT-1 Caprice (city vehicle #99586) was purchased by the City of San Jose in late 1995 and entered into service on June 18, 1996.  This patrol vehicle survived 7 hard years of service on the streets of San Jose and was retired from service in August of 2003 since it had reached its retirement age (at the time it was 7 years or 100,000 miles whichever was came first).  It was sent to the city build-up yard at Senter Rd. to be stripped of all police equipment and markings in order to be sold at auction. 

The San Jose Police Historical Society was fortunate enough to have the vehicle donated by the City of San Jose prior to any of the police equipment being removed.  It was given to the city as-is, with all the scratches, dents and roadwear intact. 

The vehicle was then detailed and cleaned inside and out, and all of the decals, worn or broken equipment on the vehicle were replaced.  The Chevy LT-1 has been on display at a number of events, parades, and car shows and always attracts a large crowd. 


1996 Chevrolet Caprice LT-1