This 1992 Kawasaki (city of San Jose bike # 3560) was donated to the historical society after traffic duty and use as a training bike.  Most of the police motors by this point had been ridden into the ground and were beyond restoration, but this motor still had the police lights, fairing, and some police equipment still on the motor.  It was also in pristine condition despite its heavy use.  Currently The Historical Society is working to restore the motor to full operational status with all lights, sirens, and police radio installed.  The motor will then be use for parades as well as educational events and displays. 

The San Jose Police Department purchased several Kawasaki KZ 1000 motorcycles in 1977 and officers started to test out this new motor.  The old Harley Davidson motors were heavy and difficult to maneuver, but the Kawasaki was a nimble bike that offered quick response and was extremely durable.  The KZP style motorcycle was in use for several years and came to prominence on a little show called "CHiPs".  After 1982 the motorcycle design was changed and the now familiar fiberglass fairing was added (mechanically however the motor changed very little over its lifespan).  the last KZ 1000 motorcycles were produced in 2005, ending 30 years of a highly successful and durable motorcycle.  Many departments continued using the KZ 1000 for several years afterwards. 

The Kawasaki KZ 1000 or KZP series police motorcycle was first produced in 1975 with a 900cc motor.  It was built to compete directly with the Harley Davidson Police motorcycle, which at that time dominated the market.  By 1977 it was gaining ground as police agencies looked for different motorcycles to handle new and challenging traffic assignments (San Jose Police Also looked at the Honda as a traffic enforcement motor, pictured below)


1992 Kawasaki KZ 1000