This 1964 Plymouth Savoy was purchased by the City of San Jose in January of 1964.  The vehicle was handed over to the San Jose Police and built up as a police supervisor vehicle.  Sgt. Ray Lee (retired) drove the vehicle for several years as a patrol sergeant and came to appreciate the car.  When the vehicle was retired by the city in the early 1970's Sgt. Lee purchased it at auction and took it to his ranch in south San Jose.  Prior to being sold, the vehicle was stripped of all the police equipment (radio, spotlights, antenna, police lights and door stars-  fortunately the police lights and spotlights were saved and were returned to the vehicle when it was restored). 

Sgt. Lee enjoyed the vehicle for several years and parked it inside of a barn until he was contacted by Captain Steve D'Arcy (retired).  Captain D'Arcy established the San Jose Police Historical Society in 1992 and was aware that Sgt. Lee had a former San Jose Police car in his possession.  Captain D'Arcy was able to convince Sgt. Lee to donate the vehicle to the Historical Society. 

Once the vehicle was in possession of the Historical Society, it was repainted back to its original color with white doors.  Missing equipment was located and installed on the vehicle (new solid red lights, Dietz 211 rotating police light, mechanical "growler" siren and rear flashing light).  Door stars that were correct for 1964 were re-created and placed back on the doors.  Sgt. Brad Barnett (retired) started the initial restoration of the vehicle, ordering new parts and locating NOS parts so that the vehicle would be mechanically and cosmetically correct.  This included correct "Polyglas" tires, MOPAR battery and engine components.  Sgt. Steve Gracie (retired) handled the interior restoration, and Officer Rich Zehring (retired) rebuilt the original 383 Police Interceptor engine to its original specifications. 

Finally in 2001 the vehicle was complete and for its first showing was taken to the Ripon Police Car show in Ripon California (placed 2nd in its class).

Very few of these original Plymouth Savoy police cars remain and even fewer are completely restored to their original agency specifications.  The San Jose Police Historical Society is grateful to all of the help donated to bring this vehicle back into service.


1964 Plymouth Savoy