The 1959 Ford Custom 300 was a one year body style police car build by the Ford Motor Company.  This 1959 Ford was unique for the San Jose Police Department because it integrated new technology with a police car package (Motorola Two-way radio, along with Dietz police lights).  This Ford came equipped with the powerful 352 Police Interceptor motor, upgraded front suspension, brakes, two speed transmission, and 15 1/2 inch rims.  The interior included rubber floor coverings, police radio, lights, an interior light with notepad, and a special police speedometer manufactured by ***.  This additional speedometer was mounted above the steering column and was specially certified and calibrated.  When an officer stopped a violator, he hit a button on the top of the speedometer that "locked in the violators speed.  He would then walk the violator back to his vehicle and show them the speed that they had been "clocked" at.

The San Jose Police Historical Society was fortunate enough to obtain a police package police car from a private owner in Colma.  The vehicle was in fair condition but needs body work and rust repair.  George Guerrero of Gurrero's Auto Body volunteered to do body work and paint the car to represent a 1959 San Jose Police car.  The vehicle is currently having rust and body work done to it while parts are obtained to fully restore the vehicle.  Once complete, the Ford will be an exact replica of a 1959 San Jose Police vehicle, and one of the most accurate restorations of this rare vehicle.