The 1920's Dodge Brothers Model 30 truck is not an original San Jose Police Vehicle.  During the 1920's, Officers were still using their own vehicle for patrol and would be compensated by the city with additional pay in their check to pay for gas and maintenance.   Officers in the above photo (right) are posing with their personal vehicles they were using for patrol. 

This truck was originally purchased new by Mr. Walter Nelson for use on his ranch in the Evergreen Valley area of San Jose (Aborn and White area).  The Walter Nelson Ranch mostly produced prunes and apricots until it was sold and developed for housing in the mid-1970's. 

Around 1955 Mr. Nelson sold the truck to his brother Richard Postier and his nephew, Ken Postier (now a retired San Jose Police Lieutenant).  The truck was stored for a few years in Willow Glenn until it received its first restoration around 1960.  After the restoration was complete, Ken would take the truck to Willow Glenn High School to attend class. 

The truck was again stored in 1965 for several years until Ken took possession of it again from his father and donated it to the San Jose Police Historical Society in 1994.  The truck was immediately sent to Soledad State Prison to receive body, paint and engine work from the inmates housed there through a work education program.  The truck returned to the Police Department in early 1996.

Today the truck is used for local parades and displays such as the San Jose Christmas Parade and Antique Autos in the Park.  Many thanks to the talented mechanics and historians at Kelley Park who donated their time and knowledge to the restoration of this vehicle!  The San Jose Police Historical Society would especially like to thank the local Model A club members Stan Paddock and Allen Greenburg. 


1920-24 Dodge Brothers Model 30 Truck